Favorite Products for Kids

While it may be a little weird for me talking about the best baby products & baby tech, these are the products that worked for us. Not only did it save us time, but it saved us our sanity. Cheers.

Get This Stuff on Your Registry (Baby Tech and Essentials). Good for up to the first 3 months+.

First, make sure you use BabyList as your registry. They get a cut for each product bought (at no extra cost to you), but it gives people options to buy the product from most stores online. People like Amazon, don’t make people buy the same stuff from Target.

  • Baby Brezza – If you have to do formula, just get yourself the Keurig of baby formula. It’s a bit pricy, but essential.
  • Twin Z Pillow or MyBreastFriend – Wife loves it and says she can’t go without it. Just get it for her. Make her happy.
  • Electric Nail Trimmer – Why wasn’t this recommended earlier?! This needs to be on every baby products wish list.
  • Electric Nasal Aspirator – The bulbs are terrible. Just pay the money to get this upgrade.
  • Boogie Mist – The nasal aspirator plus the Boogie Mist helps our babies clear their nose within seconds.
  • Rear Facing Mirrors for the Car – Just knowing our babies are breathing is everything. Soon enough I’ll be able to see if they are doing anything mischievous.
  • Scentsy Pot – We’re using the scentsy pot for the smells from the diapers, but also as a night light. Gets rid of those smells quick.

Best Baby Stroller

  • Uppababy Stroller – The Uppababy stroller is pricy. We didn’t get it from anyone on our registry, so we had to foot the bill on this one. That sucked. But it’s really one of the best strollers. Clip-in and out the car seats, the basinet, or booster seats. Winner winner.
  • Thule Urban Glide Stroller – We bought ours a bit preemptively, but once they turn 6 months, we will be using this on walks, hikes, etc… Did a lot of research to find the best running stroller and this is it.

Best Baby Monitor System

  • Nanit Plus cameras – I love my Nanit baby monitor. It’s more expensive yes, but the ability to see my babies on my phone and get notifications on my Apple Watch and iPhone for any noise or movement is worth the extra cost.

Best Baby Bottles

Best Rash Cream

Best Pacifiers & Binkys

  • These pacifiers – We tried a lot of pacifiers. The ones from the hospital fell out, the other ones suck (no pun intended), but these are the only ones that actually stayed in their mouths. We are trying the Wubba Nub now that they are a bit older, but they still love these the most.

Best Changing Pad

  • Hatch Changing Pad + Scale – We got a couple of changing pad’s but I’m just a fan of this one the best. Plus it has a scale to weigh them.

Best Diaper Pail / Trash Can

  • Ubbi Diaper Pail – We heard good things about the Diaper Genie, but you don’t need to buy their “branded bags” for this pail, plus it really keeps the smell out. We bought two of these after seeing how well they worked.

Best Baby Clothes

  • Magnetic Me Baby Clothes – While the Magnetic Me’s are more expensive, magnets are awesome during 2am feedings. Trust us.
  • Cheap Baby Clothes – Our babies went through their clothes quickly. My wife loves to buy the same ones from Nordstrom. I’m good with these.

Best Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

  • Nanit Swaddles – We have the Nanit camera and while this caused some panic when the camera’s misread the “are they breathing” lines, they are just great swaddles that actually work and are easy to use. We used these up until 3 months.
  • Transitional Swaddle – After they wanted more freedom from their swaddle, we went to these and they are the perfect mix. Used for 3 months +.
  • Sleep Sack – Perfect for 6+ months. Also, really enjoying these.

Best White Noise for Sleep

Best Baby Toys (0-6 Months)

  • The Play Gym by Lovevery – Our babies were born premature, so when the doctor said they may be a bit slower to be at the developmental phase than regular newborns, I’m getting them the toys to get their brains up to speed. Lovevery has been a solid choice.
  • Black and White Book – I am convinced this book has some kind of CIA mind control. Put them in front of this $6 book and they will be entertained for hours. HOURS.

Best Baby Toys (6+ Months)

  • Jolly Jumper – Great for strengthening back, neck, leg muscles, but really they just love this thing.

Best Sleep Training Class

Best Classes We Took Through The Hospital

  • Infant CPR

Making Car Rides More Enjoyable

  • Munchkin Brica Magnetic Stretch to Fit Sun Shade – This wasn’t the first sunshade I bought for the car, unfortunately. This one covers the entire back window and works better than those cheap stick-on types that only cover part of the baby’s face.

When Babies Eat Real Food

Miscellaneous Baby Purchases That I’d Buy Again

  • DeChoker – I was advertised like crazy for this one on Amazon. It’s really only for ages 1-3, but could never be too careful. Only thing is that this thing is huge. Stuff it in the diaper bag if you can.
  • Pepper Spray – I have it secured on our strollers just in case for animals, dogs, or people.
  • Pack N Play Sheets
  • Tummy Time Water Mat – To encourage them to do more tummy time.
  • Earmuffs – For church, loud events, concerts
  • Baby D Drops – One drop in their bottle and makes a world of a difference.
  • Beach Pop Up Tent – Not that heavy and will cover the babies on the sand.
  • Cheap Baby Monitor – If you are having internet trouble, want to set up a camera while they play and you work, or if you’re traveling, you’ll want a cheap baby monitor with no internet connection needed.

Essential Baby Products (Subscriptions)

  • Dreft Newborns (Use Subscribe & Save) – I was told I couldn’t use regular detergent on them. Just find a deal on a Subscribe & Save for Dreft and lock the price in.
  • Huggies Little Snugglers – We bought the all-natural expensive diapers and the cheap ones. The cheap ones work the best for us, especially for our little boy. He hasn’t peed through any of these… yet.
  • Gripe Water – Help with their stomach issues, reflux, spit ups, etc…
  • Gas Relief Drops – They help their tummies and you can put some of their pacifier if they keep spitting it out and it helps them sleep.

My Life Savers

  • Amazon Fresh
  • DoorDash & Uber Eats

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